look at ross… literally 5 years old

look at ross… literally 5 years old


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never knew leaving 3 people who had a major impact on my life would be so hard. I’m not ready to leave them.

I’ve changed my avi three times but I’ve settled on the queeen

Avi is Toni until Worlds is over


lol at the people saying that the space between them in that one picture ‘proves raia does not exist’. The picture was taking when they were hanging out together, it wasn’t some forced publicity thing. They were friends hanging out… *whispers* thats more than you can say about raura

I’ll never forget the day the shooting star captains came and talked to my team. Such a special moment. Truly sad to see them graduate and have their last performances as Stars this weekend.

Anonymous sent: Do you that savannah can sing?

Yeah I think she has a great voice that’s really mature for a 14 year old

Needed a new pic so mine as we’ll put Ross and Maia my favorite humans



R5 talks American Idol New Music and Tour Dates


Anonymous sent: what is your opinion on "Raura"

ohh that’s what you were asking me. I don’t see the chemistry between them tbh and I would never ship it lmfao

Ross’ hair didn’t look like complete shit today so I guess u can say that makes today even better lmfaooo

make me choose
↳ anonymous asked: maia mitchell or ashley benson

they-r-5ive sent: I didn't even know, I swear hardly anyone on tumblr ship 'em.

there’s actually a handful of people but nobody can find them cause they’re not insane and delusional like raura shippers and they don’t post stupid shit lmfaoooo